How Many Hours Is the Effect of Local Anesthesia?


Local anesthesia is fundamental to numerous medical procedures, providing precise numbing to designated body parts. It ensures patients can painlessly receive minor surgeries, dental procedures, and other treatments. With its increasing use and significance, it’s vital for both healthcare providers and patients to grasp how long its effects last. Access Oral Surgery stands out as […]


Sinus lift procedures are pivotal in modern dentistry by addressing bone insufficiencies in the upper jaw to facilitate successful dental implant placement. These procedures become necessary when patients experience bone loss due to tooth extraction, trauma, or natural bone resorption. Over time, sinus lift techniques have evolved, with traditional and minimally invasive approaches emerging as […]

The Ultimate Guide to Wisdom Teeth: Causes, Symptoms, Extraction, and Recovery

The Ultimate Guide to Wisdom Teeth Causes Symptoms Extraction and Recovery

Wisdom teeth, known as third molars, are the last to erupt in the oral cavity. For many individuals, these teeth can cause various complications and discomfort. This comprehensive guide will probe the causes, symptoms, extraction process, and recovery associated with wisdom teeth. Whether you’re experiencing pain or seeking preventive information, this guide will provide valuable […]

What is a Biopsy? What is a Biopsy Taken?

Biopsy | Access Oral Surgery | Sangaree & Mt. Pleasant, SC

What is a biopsy? It’s pretty simple. When you have an appointment with your doctor, he will take a sample of your tissue and send it to a pathologist for examination. Your doctor can use the result to determine if anything is wrong with your body and help treat any problems that may be causing […]

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