Wisdom Teeth

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Wisdom Teeth

Over 5 million Americans get their wisdom teeth removed every year.

Anyone who has had a wisdom tooth extracted knows how much trouble they can cause. Having wisdom teeth that are impacted can cause pain, damage to other teeth, and other oral health issues.

When your dentist suggests it is time to remove your wisdom teeth, you can trust Access Oral Surgery to take care of you with care.

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Your wisdom teeth are your last set of adult molars that appear in your mouth in your late teens or early twenties. In most people, there are four in the back of the mouth – two at the top and two at the bottom.

There is also the possibility of not having wisdom teeth at all.
Some wisdom teeth emerge without any problems, but others become impacted or cause pain and must be removed.

Wisdom teeth can be removed at any time. There are no set rules for how soon they should be taken out. When wisdom teeth do not cause pain, some people choose not to have them removed.

It is usually recommended to have them extracted due to the impact they can have on oral health. Here are a few common symptoms to look out for:

● A nagging ache around your jawbone
● Redness and swelling around wisdom teeth
● Having difficulty chewing and swallowing
● Symptoms of a cold or flu

If you experience these symptoms, Access Oral Surgery is here to help you every step of the way!

Once your dentist recommends wisdom tooth extraction, it’s time to plan your procedure with Access Oral Surgery.

First, you will schedule an appointment with Access Oral Surgery to discuss the procedure and ask any questions you may have. We will conduct a full assessment of your medical history.

Oral surgery can seem intimidating on the day of the procedure, but there is nothing to worry about. During the procedure, your oral surgeon will walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

The extraction procedure itself takes between 45 minutes and an hour and a half. The length of time it takes to extract wisdom teeth depends on their number and whether they are impacted.

To remove the tooth, your oral surgeon will make a small incision in your gums. After that, the incision will be stitched up.

The recovery is the most challenging part for most patients – which makes sense considering you’re under anesthesia during the procedure.

Most people take 3-4 days to recover from wisdom tooth extraction fully. It may take up to a week if your teeth are impacted.

After the extraction procedure, you will feel sore and swollen for two to three days. It is perfectly normal and will subside with time. It will take about a month for your mouth wound to heal completely.

It usually takes a week for people to return to normal activities after dental surgery.

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