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Sinus Lift

Sinus lifts are surgical procedures that add bone to the upper jaw. These bones are located around the area supporting the rear teeth, also referred to as molars and premolars.

A bone is located between the maxillary sinuses (which border both sides of the nose) and the jaw. Due to the confined space of the face, the sinus membrane must be lifted up to make room for this additional bone; thus, the term “lift.” Our oral surgeons at Access Oral Surgery have many years of experience performing this complicated surgery.

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Sinus lifts can restore the density of the jawbone, so dental implants don’t disturb the sinus membrane. If the jawbone does not properly support dental implants, they will not be able to stay in place. By creating a pocket between the jaw and sinuses for bone implants, a sinus lift allows patients without enough bone graft space to build bone in their jaw to support dental implants. As a result, the body feels that calcium can be used more effectively elsewhere without teeth.

Most patients that need a sinus lift are good candidates for it. Our oral surgeon at Access Oral Surgery will examine you for healthy teeth and gums to determine if you are a candidate. In addition, he will take X-rays and other images to determine if the procedure is actually needed.

A sinus lift procedure involves removing the sinus membrane from the sinus cavity and inserting bone grafts into the sinus floor through the empty space created by the missing upper teeth. After several months, the bone regenerates and becomes part of the jaw through osseointegration, making it possible to place dental implants. When there is insufficient bone, the sinus lift will need to be performed first, and the grafts must be matured before being placed. The implants can then be placed several months later.

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