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Our Mission

At Access Oral Surgery, our top priorities are quality patient care, accessibility, and affordability. We provide exceptional customer experience by incorporating the highest quality equipment, kind and caring Doctors and staff, and multiple payment options, such as Solomon Savers. AOS is open 7 days per week with convenient locations in Mount Pleasant and Summerville. We accept 300+ insurances, while being in-network with over 197 of them. Our goal is to ensure our patients never pay twice! Come see us today by scheduling an appointment- walk-ins and emergencies welcome as well.

Accessible and Affordable
in network with

197+ insurances

About Us

At Access Oral Surgery, we believe you should be able to get all the oral care you need, all under one roof. Our expertise and services extend beyond general dentistry. Our care teams will be there for you, from your pre-treatment consultation to your aftercare plan.

Dental procedures that require very specific dental skills fall under a branch of dentistry called oral surgery. Among the diseases and conditions treated by oral surgery are:

What Makes Access Oral Surgery Different?


At Access Oral Surgery, accessible, quality, and affordable care are our top priority. We value affordability and the ability to be in-network with over 197+ Insurances. Being open 7 days a week and late hours with easily accessible locations, we want to make the process as easy and accommodating as possible for you and your family.

We continuously learn, improve, and pride ourselves on having the best dental equipment and strategies. You will notice our comfortable chairs and find that we are prepared with the most proven treatment strategies. At Access Oral Surgery, we allow demonstrate to us what they can tolerate in the chair, and we are always happy to work around needs and ability to get the best dental work done.

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