Pre Prosthetic Surgery

Pre Prosthetic Surgery

Age, disease, and injury can contribute to tooth loss, which leads many patients to opt for a full or partial denture as a solution. Most dentures, also called prosthetics, can be placed without incident. However, some patients may need minor surgical adjustments to the bone ridge that the dentures will rest on to ensure they fit properly. 

For pre-prosthetic surgery, you will be referred to an oral surgeon like the experts here at Access Oral Surgery 

As part of our team approach to patient care, we will work closely with your dentist to review your situation and determine the best course of action for your pre-prosthetic surgery. Your surgeon will then smooth, reshape, or reduce the area to ensure the best fit for your dentures. Excess gum tissue may be removed and impacted teeth may require exposure as well. 

In order to prepare your mouth for a denture, you may need to undergo one or more of the following procedures:
Our team will review your specific needs with you during your consultation.

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