Solomon Savers Dental
Discount Plan

We created the Solomon Savers Dental Plan to help you and your family. Sign up and save on dental care in our offices and also gain discounts on prescriptions, vision care and LASIK procedures.

As low as $19.95/month*

*Plus a one-time, non-refundable processing fee of $20.00.

Solomon Savers Dental Discount Plan Benefits

Your membership includes free exams and X-rays, and cleanings and 20% to 60% savings off all other services performed in our offices. In addition to savings on dental procedures, you will also receive savings on eyewear and eye care, prescriptions and LASIK surgery.

Dental Care

Dental procedures can quickly add up. Luckily, The Solomon Savers Discount Dental Plan helps you save on dental procedures at our offices. With the Solomon Savers plan, you get free exams, X-rays, cleanings and 20% – 60% off other procedures.
Regular Cost†
Plan Cost††
Savings $
Savings %
Routine Exam*
Healthy Mouth Cleaning*
One Surface Amalgam (Silver) Filling
One Surface Composite (White) Filling
Crown (Porcelain or Ceramic Substrate)
Anterior Root Canal
Molar Root Canal
Extraction (Simple Single Tooth)

†Regular Cost is based on Solomon Savers Dental Discount Plan locations’ average usual and customary rates for all areas covered by the Plan.

††Plan Cost represents the average of the assigned Solomon Savers Dental Discount Plan fees for all areas covered by the Solomon Savers Dental Discount Plan.

*Free exams, x-rays and cleaning limited to twice per year. Complimentary cleaning limited to healthy mouth cleaning only

Prices subject to change.

SOLOMON – 8/19/20

Pricing Option

One Person


or $199.00*/year

Two People


or $299.00*/year

Up to Four People


or $399.00*/year

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