What is the Success Rate of Sinus Lift Surgeries? 

What is the Success Rate of Sinus Lift Surgeries 

Sinus lift surgery is a procedure that is done to add bone to the upper jaw, particularly in the area where the molars and premolars are located. This is necessary because the sinuses are located just above this area. When teeth are lost or extracted, the bone in this area can also be lost, leaving insufficient […]

Why do People Need Sinus Lifts?

Sinus Lifts | Access Oral Surgery | Sangaree & Mt. Pleasant, SC

We recommend a sinus lift if you get dental implants soon after tooth extraction. This procedure helps create more room in your sinuses so that the dental implants can heal adequately and last longer. Sinus lifts are often done with other procedures like bone grafts or bone augmentation to improve bone strength around the mouth […]

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